About Barney Petrus


Barney Petrus, PhD

Senior Economist and Vice President of Research

Professional Profile:

Dr. Barney Petrus is a seasoned health economist with a wealth of experience spanning two decades in healthcare informatics. His forte is extracting profound insights from data, a skill honed through years of dedicated practice.


Dr. Barney Petrus’s expertise extends across the vast landscape of population research, where he delves into the intricate web of social, economic, and environmental factors that shape health outcomes. His contributions have found their way into the pages of esteemed academic journals, including JAMA Surgery, the American Journal of Public Health, the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and the International Journal of General Medicine.

Research and Innovation:

During his tenure at the UCLA Center for Health Advancement, Dr. Barney Petrus led groundbreaking research initiatives to assess the long-term impact of healthcare programs and policies. His approach was marked by applying innovative modeling and simulation techniques, which he later refined into the UCLA Health Forecasting Tool.

Diverse Experience:

Before associating with goodteethhealth.com, Dr. Barney Petrus lent his expertise to various healthcare and technology enterprises. His primary mission involved employing advanced econometric analysis to enhance health outcomes and foster transparency in pricing and quality. In an earlier chapter of his career, he served as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 corporations during his tenure at McKinsey & Company. In this capacity, he specialized in crafting astute business strategies, navigating corporate finance landscapes, and facilitating growth.

Academic Background:

Dr. Barney Petrus’s academic journey is a testament to his commitment to the field. He earned his doctoral degree in health services research from the prestigious UCLA, with a specific emphasis on health economics. His scholarly pursuits also led him to Brown University, where he completed graduate work in economics and econometrics, further enriching his knowledge and analytical prowess.

Dr. Barney Petrus’s career trajectory underscores his unwavering dedication to leveraging data-driven insights to shape the future of healthcare and drive positive change within the industry.