About Marshall Santiago


Marshall Santiago, PharmD

Director, Pharmacy Content




St. Louis College of Pharmacy


  • Accumulated over a decade of diverse experience as a pharmacist, spanning clinical, academic, and administrative roles
  • Acted as a preceptor, guiding pharmacy students from the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis
  • Honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Outstanding Achievement Award from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2017

Professional Journey

Dr. Marshall Santiago, PharmD, serves as the Director of Pharmacy Content at GoodTeethHealth, bringing forth a wealth of experience accrued during his decade-long tenure as a pharmacist. His multifaceted career has seen his engage in clinical practice, contribute to academia, and assume leadership roles in pharmacy administration.

“In the realm of healthcare, it’s paramount to connect with individuals wherever they stand on their journey. The provision of reliable, science-backed health information, crafted by seasoned experts, equips them to make informed decisions as they progress.”

— Dr. Marshall Santiago, PharmD

Academic Contribution

Dr. Marshall Santiago’s dedication to the field is evident in his role as a preceptor, guiding and mentoring pharmacy students from the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis. This commitment to nurturing the next generation of pharmacists underscores his passion for advancing the profession.

Recognition for Outstanding Achievement: In a testament to his exceptional contributions, Dr. Marshall Santiago was honored with the Distinguished Alumnus Outstanding Achievement Award in 2017 by the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. This accolade recognized his pioneering work that expanded patient access to high-quality compounded medications, a testament to his dedication to improving healthcare outcomes.

Professional Experience

Before joining the Goodteethhealth.com team, Dr. Marshall Santiago cultivated extensive expertise in compounded medications during his tenure at a compounding pharmacy and FocusScript, LLC. His work at FocusScript included the development of a pioneering credentialing and accreditation program for compounding pharmacies, which found widespread adoption across various organizations.

Dr. Marshall’s academic prowess also shone as he served as adjunct faculty at St. Louis College of Pharmacy. His role included instructing a pharmaceutics compounding lab, further cementing his commitment to educating the next generation of pharmacists.

Passion for Health Advocacy

In 2020, Dr. Marshall Santiago transitioned his career trajectory to contribute to health content at GoodTeethHealth. This move allowed his to integrate his pharmacy education seamlessly with his passion for the written word. He currently leads a dedicated team of pharmacy editors and accomplished freelance writers, jointly crafting pharmacy and patient advocacy content for GoodTeethHealth Health.

Educational Attainment: Dr. Marshall Santiago’s journey into pharmacy began with his graduation from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy in 2010, where he earned his Doctorate in Pharmacy. His thirst for exploring non-traditional pharmacist opportunities manifested during his time in school. He embarked on an apprenticeship with a naturopathic physician and undertook multiple compounding pharmacy internships, broadening his horizons.

His commitment to lifelong learning is evident through his participation in numerous conferences and seminars, encompassing topics ranging from women’s health and pain management to integrative medicine. These endeavors are integral to his ongoing professional development and unwavering dedication to elevating healthcare standards.