About Mathew Leach

Mathew Leach

Mathew Leach, MD

Medical Editor


Family Medicine


Rush Medical College


  • Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Founder of Urban Housecall Health Media Group
  • Co-author of “In Sickness & In Health”

Professional Journey

Dr. Mathew Leach, MD, serves as a dedicated medical editor at Goodteethhealth, bringing nearly two decades of comprehensive healthcare experience to the forefront. His career path has been a multifaceted one, encompassing clinical practice, administrative leadership, and a profound commitment to healthcare education.

“I’m on a mission to bridge the gap in health literacy. The abundance of misinformation, combined with a lack of reliable information, often leaves people in the dark about their health. However, I’m fully committed to changing that narrative. Writing for Goodteethhealth Health provides me with the platform to enhance access to trusted, high-quality health information that can empower you.”

— Dr. Mathew Leach, MD

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Mathew’s extensive clinical experience spans various domains, including traditional private practice, concierge medicine, and community medicine. He has served as a Medical Director at a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), playing a pivotal role in delivering healthcare to underserved communities. Additionally, his professional journey took his into the pharmaceutical industry, where he served as an Associate Medical Director specializing in pharmacovigilance and patient safety.

Today, Dr. Mathew Leach continues to serve the medical field through telemedicine, ensuring that individuals have access to crucial reproductive health services. His commitment to educating the next generation of healthcare providers shines through his role as an instructor for physician associate students, focusing on clinical laboratory medicine and medical wellness.

Recognized Excellence

Dr. Mathew Leach’s outstanding contributions have earned his recognition as a Fellow at the American Academy of Family Physicians. This distinction highlights his dedication to the field of family medicine and his unwavering commitment to professional development through medical education.

Health Literacy Advocate

As part of his dedication to reducing health disparities, particularly among underserved populations, Dr. Mathew Leach founded the Urban Housecall Health Media Group. This initiative serves as a valuable resource for communities seeking trustworthy health information.

Dr. Mathew Leach’s voice has reached wide audiences through his regular contributions to local and national television programs, online and national publications, blogs, and various news outlets. He co-hosted and produced the Urban Housecall Radio Show, a weekly broadcast featuring celebrity interviews, discussions on pressing urban community health issues, and practical guidance for making informed health and lifestyle choices. Dr. Mathew Leach is also a co-author of the book “In Sickness & In Health.”

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Mathew Leach’s areas of expertise encompass a broad spectrum, including a focus on the social determinants of health, mental health, lifestyle medicine, preventive medicine, and women’s health. His unwavering commitment to empowering individuals to take an active role in their healthcare journey is evident through his lectures and advocacy efforts.

Educational Background

Dr. Mathew Leach embarked on his academic journey at Xavier University of Louisiana, where he pursued his undergraduate studies in biology, graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree. He returned to his hometown of Chicago to earn his medical degree from Rush Medical College, where his dedication earned his the prestigious Erich E. Brueschke, M.D. Award in Family Medicine for his exceptional service and dedication to the field.

His journey continued with residency training at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where he played a vital role in running an adolescent health school-based health center at Lakeview High School.

Dr. Mathew Leach’s commitment to medical excellence is affirmed by his licensure to practice medicine in 26 states and certification by the American Board of Family Medicine. He also serves as an instructor for the American Heart Association, holding certifications to teach CPR, first aid, and basic life support (BLS).