Essential Tips on Dental Hygiene

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Proper Way of Brushing

Proper brushing is one of the easiest ways to maintain clean teeth. To brush the teeth, position the bristles at a 45 degree angle close to the gum line. Make sure the gum line and the tooth surface are touching the bristles. Brush the teeth’s outer surfaces, going back and forth, up and down, and be gentle to avoid bleeding. Clean the inner surfaces of teeth and gums by placing the bristles at a 45 degree angle then go back and forth, up and down. Finally, brush the tongue’s surfaces, as well as the roof of your mouth to get rid of bacteria that causes bad breadth.

It is ideal to brush at least two times daily to avoid the acid buildup that occurs when bacteria breaks down the food. In case you are busy and could not do this, just rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after meals to reduce the quantity of food serving as a substrate for bacteria.


Sometimes, we consider it a chore, which we often forget to do after brushing, especially when we rush out the door or head to the bed. However, flossing regularly can help in removing bits of food plus other harmful substances that cannot be done with brushing alone. Flossing enables you to reach deeper in between teeth that are not reached by the toothbrush bristles or washed away by mouthwash. Flossing should be done at lease once daily.

Avoid Smoking

You will be doing a big favor to your teeth. First, it will prevent you from having oral cancer and periodontal problems. Next, it will let you avoid the innumerable ill effects brought about by the agents that hide the tobacco smell. As an example, when you smoke, you will probably chew candies, drink tea or coffee to cover the odor and smoky breath. This is twice the amount of damage done.

Limit Drinks like Alcohol, Sodas and Coffee

These beverages are high in phosphorous, which is needed to have a healthy mouth, but too much of this mineral can reduce the body’s calcium level. This could result to dental hygiene issues, like gum disease and tooth decay. Beverages that have additives – like corn syrup and food dye – can discolor pearly white teeth and make them look dull.

The best beverage to drink are

– milk, which strengthens the teeth and makes enamel stronger, making your smile healthier and more beautiful,

– and of course, water, which keeps your body hydrated longer than sugary beverages.

Take Calcium and Vitamins that are Beneficial For The Body

Your teeth need a lot of calcium, and so do your bones. You can get this by drinking milk and fortified orange juice, as well as eating other dairy products – broccoli, cheese and yogurt. You can also drink a calcium supplement, taking a dose that depends on your age and needs. Both Calcium and Vitamin D are needed to maintain the health of teeth and gums. Vitamin B complex is needed to protect the gums and teeth from bleeding and cracking. To maintain healthy dental hygiene, copper, iodine, iron, potassium and zinc are needed as well.

Source by Karina Popa